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Zimmermann, S. (2016): Die Regenerationsentwicklung im tumbesischen Trockenwald Institute of Silviculture, Technische Universität München, bachelor thesis

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Abstract: Tropische und subtropische Trockenwälder zählen z...
Keywords: | dry forest | tree regeneration |
Pucha Cofrep, D.A. (2016): Environmental signals in radial growth, stable isotope variations and nutrient concentration of trees from different forest ecosystems in southern Ecuador Institute of Geography, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, phd thesis

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Abstract: Tropical forests and the trees as their principal...
Ochoa Moreno, S.; Paul, C.; Castro, L.M.; Valle, L. & Knoke, T. (2016): Banning goats could exacerbate deforestation of the Ecuadorian dry forest - How the effectiveness of conservation payment is influenced by productive use options. Erdkunde 70(1), 49-67
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Abstract: Due to ongoing conversion of the dry forests of s...
Pucha Cofrep, D.A.; Peters, T. & Bräuning, A. (2015): Wet season precipitation during the past 120 years reconstructed from tree rings of a tropical dry forest in Southern Ecuador. Global and Planetary Change 133, 65–78

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Abstract: From 10 selected tree species, Bursera graveolens...
Werner, F.A.; Köster, N.; Kessler, M. & Gradstein, S.R. (2011): Is the resilience of epiphyte assemblages to human disturbance a function of local climate?. Ecotropica 17, 15-20.

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Abstract: Field studies have shown a wide array of response...
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