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Allgeier, F. (2017): Determination of technological properties of natural wood species from Ecuador Technische Universität München, bachelor thesis

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Abstract: In this study we performed anatomic, physical-mec...
Palomeque, X.; Maza, A.; Iñanagua, J.P.; Günter, S.; Hildebrandt, P.; Weber, M. & Stimm, B. (2017): Intraspecific Variability in Seed Quality of Native Tree Species in Mountain Forests in Southern Ecuador: Implications for Forest Restoration. Revista de Ciencias Ambientales (Tropical Journal of Environmental Sciences) 51(2), 52-72

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Abstract: Uno de los aspectos importantes a considerarse en...
Hertel, T. (2012): Tree Seed Procurement and Management in the Province of Loja Institute of Silviculture, Technische Universität München, master thesis

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Abstract: South America hosts 22% of the world´s forests wi...
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