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Soil physical and chemical properties at NUMEX San Francisco between 2007-2009
ID: 1693
Last updated: 2017-10-03
Dataset creators: Andre Velescu
Wolfgang Wilcke
Contact: Wolfgang Wilcke
Andre Velescu
Temporal coverage: 2007-07-14 00:00 - 2009-06-01 00:00
Geographic coverage: Numex plots San Francisco
Abstract: The dataset includes physical and chemical proper...
Additional info: ---
Keywords: | soil texture | bulk density | NUMEX | San Francisco | cation exchange capacity | carbon | nitrogen | phosphorus | calcium | potassium | magnesium | sodium | aluminium | manganese | zinc | sulphur | organic layer | 15N natural abundance | 13C natural abundance | pH values | iron | soil horizons | exchangeable cations |
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Entity name: numex_sf_soil_data_v1
Entity type:dataTable
File type: csv (38 KB) 
pH of soil H2O (Unitless)
pH of soil KCl (Unitless)
Soil texture silt content (Unitless)
Soil texture clay content (Unitless)
Bulk density (Gram per cubic centimeter)
Thickness of the horizon (Meter)
Total nitrogen of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total phosphorus soil (Gram per kilogram)
Delta 13C signature (Promille)
ID of the plot (Unitless)
Treatment of the plot (Unitless)
Total element Aluminum of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total element Calcium of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total element Iron of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total element Magnesium of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total element Manganese of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Total element Potassium of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Base saturation of soil (Percent)
effective cation exchange capacity (Microequivalent per gram)
horizon symbol of the soil (Unitless)
extractable Al (Microequivalent per gram)
extractable Fe (Microequivalent per gram)
extractable Na (Microequivalent per gram)
extrectable Ca (Microequivalent per gram)
extractable Mg (Microequivalent per gram)
extractable K (Microequivalent per gram)
Total Na (Milligram per kilogram)
Total Zn (Milligram per kilogram)
Delta 15N signature (Promille)
Date and Time (Unitless)
Total carbon of soil (Gram per kilogram)
Fine Sand (Unitless)
Medium sand (Unitless)
Coarse sand (Unitless)
Total Sulphur of soil (Gram per kilogram)

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